One-Perod Test

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ONE PEROD TEST Date of prep 30/9/2009 Week 13 Date of testing 9/11/2009 Period 37 Teaher’s name Voõ Thuî Haïnh Class 6a1,4 ONE PERIOD TEST *Objectives By the end of the test,Students will be able to t[.] Date Week:13 Date Period:37 Teaher’s Class:6a1,4 of prep:30/9/2009 of name: testing:9/11/2009 Võ Th Hạnh ONE-PERIOD TEST *Objectives: By the end of the test,Students will be able to test their knowledge of unit 3,4,5,6 *Language contents: *Skill: Listening,Reading,Writing *Vocabulary and grammar:U3 to U6 *Techniques:multiple choice,comprehension questions,write from words and phrases given ,listen and write,matching * Preparation: test paper *Procedures: Ma traän đề kiểm tra tiết Nội dung Nhận Thông Vận tổn biết hiểu dụng g TN TL TN TL TN TL I.Listening 4c 4c (2ñ (2ñ) ) II.Reading 5c 5c (2,5ñ) 2,5ñ III.Language 12c 12c focus (3ñ) 3ñ IV.Writing 2c 2c 2,5đ 2,5đ Tổng 4c 12c 5c 2c 23c cộng: (2ñ (3ñ) (2,5ñ) (2,5 (10ñ) ) ñ) * Contents: I.Listening: Listen and write the words you hear(2ms) museum stadium temple hospital restaurant store bookstore factory park river lake yard hotel house street tree II.Reading: Read the passage and answer the questions(2,5ms) Phong gets up at six o’clock He has breakfast at six fifteen He goes to school at six - thirty He has classes from seven to eleven – fifteen Questions : 1.What time does Phong get up? 2.What time does he have breakfast? 3.Does he go to school at seven – thirty? 4.What time classes start? 5.What time classes end? III.Vocabulary and grammar: A Choose the best answer to complete sentences(2ms) 1.Where the mountains? They’re behind the house a tobe b.is c.am d are 2.Where the bookstore? It is next to the police station a.is b.are c.am d.tobe 3.We aren’t small.We are a.big b.old c.long d beautiful 4.Which are you in ?I’m in grade a.grade b.class c.old d.floor 5.How students are there in your class? a.much b many c.old d.about you after school? I play soccer a.Which b.What c.Where d.What 7.Does he have math Tuesday a.on b.in c.at d.to 8.He goes to bed ten o’clock a.on b.in c.at d.to B.Write the sentences under the pictures(1m) a.Thu reads b Lan does the housework c.Ba watches television d.Nam listens to music - -IV.Writing: Write about Ba using the following suggestions(2,5ms) 1.Ba/get up/ Ba gets up at six o’clock 2.He/go to school/6.45 3.He/have lunch/11.30 4.He/play game/ afternoon 5.He/do/homework/8.00 6.He/go to bed/10.00 Đáp án Câu I II III A.1 Noäi dung museum bookstore river street Listening Reading He gets up at six o’clock He has breakfast at six - fifteen Yes, he does They start at seven They end at eleven – fifteen Vocabulary and grammar d a a Ñieå m 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,25 0,25 0,25 B IV a b b a c Write the sentences under the pictures c.Ba watches television b Lan does the housework d.Nam listens to music a.Thu reads Write about you using the following suggestions He goes to school at a quarter to seven/six –forty He has lunch at half past eleven He plays game in the afternoon He does his homework at eight He goes to bed at ten ôclock 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5
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