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ENTREPRENEURSHIP REPORT PROJECT “ĐẶC SẢN 3 MIỀN” Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 2 I IDEA FOR START UP 2 1 Idea and reasons 2 2 Slogan 2 3 Logo 3 4 Products 3 5 Target market 5 6 Marketing 5 7 Operatin. ENTREPRENEURSHIP REPORT PROJECT “ĐẶC SẢN MIỀN” Table of Contents INTRODUCTION: .2 I IDEA FOR START-UP: Idea and reasons: .2 Slogan: Logo: Products: Target market: Marketing: Operating product: Plans for the next years: II VISION, MISSION, CORE VALUE, SWOT: Vision: Mission: .7 Core value: SWOT: BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS: I KEY PARTNERS: II KEY ACTIVITIES: 10 III KEY RESOURCES: 10 IV VALUE PROPOSSITIONS: 14 V CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS: 15 VI CHANNELS: .15 VII CUSTOMER SEGMENTS: 17 VIII COST STRUCTURE: 19 X CONCLUSION: ……………………………………………………………………… 20 INTRODUCTION: I IDEA FOR START-UP: Idea and reasons: - Business project "Dac San Mien" - We choose this project because team members come from different regions: north-central-south and other provinces We look forward to enjoying the specialties of your homeland And we want to "share" that with everyone - Besides, we can see the growing demand for tourism, many people not have the time and money to travel but want to enjoy original specialties Since then the project "Dac san mien" was formed Slogan: “ĐẶC SẢN LÀM QUÀ – DÀNH CHO MỌI NHÀ” Logo: Specialties bring the image of the dishes of regions in Vietnam, so we have chosen the image of the farmer and the conical hat symbolizes the national identity of Vietnam! As well as the rustic traditional culture, simple simplicity but no less unique flavor that the artisans have made these special dishes The circle carries a global symbol, the image of reaching out emphasizes that we will raise the status of Vietnamese specialties, of international stature Products: Some main products: STT 10 11 12 Name product Hạt điều rang muối Place Bình Phước Chè búp Tân Cương Rượu bàu đá Mực rim me Kẹo chuối Đậu Mắm cá cơm dì Cần Thái Nguyên Kẹo cu Hà Tĩnh Thịt trâu gác bếp Rượu Vang Đankia Đỏ Muối tôm Cơm cháy chà Bánh đậu xanh Tây Bắc Đà Lạt Tây Ninh Ninh Bình Hải Dương Quy Nhơn Quy Nhơn Đà Nẵng Đà Nẵng Besides, there are other products such as: Mứt dừa, Mứt Hồng, Ô mai (vị mận), Ô mai (vị mơ xào gừng), Chè lam, Rong biển khô, Kẹo chuối Đậu, Bánh Pía Sầu Riêng, Kẹo lạc vừng, Bánh tráng nước dừa, Các loại bánh trung thu ( Mid-Autumn Festival)… Sale of products included with the holiday products: - Combo of shop: + TET combo: + Midd-Autumn combo - Combo of customer: The cost of the combo: - TET combo Combo (5 items) 499.000 VND Combo (9 items) 999.000 VND Combo (12 items) 1.199.000 VND - Mid-Autumn combo Combo (3 items) 399.000 VND Combo (5 products) 599.000 VND Combo (9 items) 999.000 VND Promotions: - Combo customer self-mix: + Regular box, on 1.500.000VND freeship + Special box price 100.000VND to 150.000VND - Combo shop mix always freeship, nice packing, some accompanying gifts or discount voucher - Purchases > times will become loyal customers with benefits: 20% off birthday of the total bill Target market: - Mid-range income - Those who like to experience culinary discovery, want to buy gift packaging products Marketing: To reach customers, use two modes of communication online and offline - Online: Facebook, Website… - Offline: + Participate in domestic fair stalls + Sticker, decal of the startup at famous restaurants and tourist sites Operating product:  Operating: - Step 1: Find sourcing products - Step 2: Enter the goods into the warehouse - Step 3: Staff advises the customer about products and combo (when customer accesses website "Dac San Mien" - Step 4: When the customer closes the order and confirms the payment method, the warehouse staff receives the order, packages it according to the request and delivers it to the carrier - Step 5: After confirming the order has been delivered from the shiper, customer care contact staff, receive feedback and solve if there is any problem  Payment methods: - Ship COD - Scan VNPAY code (fee 0.008% / total value of transaction) - VISA - Master Card Plans for the next years: - Expand the scale of store - Share customer date - Marketing: KOL review - Combined with experience tour - Expand the scale of the store II VISION, MISSION, CORE VALUE, SWOT: Vision: Three regions Specialties are oriented to develop into a leading Specialty Trade enterprise in Vietnam within the next 10 years, and at the same time, we will constantly innovate and improve the quality of service to make Vietnamese Specialties become gift of Vietnamese spirit and elevate the position of Vietnamese brand in the international arena Mission: Three regions Specialties offer users the highest quality Vietnamese specialties with special packaging forms To ensure the quality as well as the appearance of the product Contribute to raising the position and widely promoting the specialties of Vietnam to a wide range of people, not only in Vietnam but also to international friends Core value: TÍN TÂM NHÂN - “Dac San Mien” - “Dac San Mien” put -“Dac San Mien” build always put the word the word TAM as one of relationships with TIN on the top, taking the important customers, partners the word TIN as the foundations of business and society with guideline, protecting the word TIN as protecting the honor goodwill, cordiality, - “Dac San Mien” humanitarian spirit always value customers, always put - “Dac San Mien” customers at the always attach great - “Dac San Mien” center, put the interests importance to always prepare of customers first, employees as the most everything the best, try striving to provide valuable asset, building their best to be able to customers with the best a professional, dynamic commit to customers quality products and humane shop about the best product environment quality SWOT: 4.1 - Strengths: Qualification: + Each department, staff has certain knowledge about business, marketing, finance, + Good communication skills, having a wide relationship with genuine, long-standing workshops and production establishments; shipping and other relationships - Each individual has enthusiasm, responsibility, dedication and passion for the job - Ability to react quickly to work; wholeheartedly for the startup project - What businesses well: + Research thoroughly about the products provided to customers, provide dedicated support and answers to the problems customers have; customer care after buying + High brand recognition: own logo, unique package (changes according to seasons) -> increase awareness, improve product value + Website is set up eye-catching, easy to view products in each region - Team Mindset: Growth Mindset: projects can be developed and enhanced by people being committed and hard working When there are difficulties, the parts will support each other, trying to find a solution instead of giving up 4.2 Weaknesses: - No experience in the startup business - Limited investment capital, no external investment - Design expertise is limited - The new brand is not known by many people - Haven't made a big difference 4.3 Opportunities: - Improve user experience with website display improvements - Online shopping trend in period 4.0 of the majority of consumers 4.4 Threats: - Competitors copy business ideas or models - New law or regulation - Must compete with the shops and companies that have a long reputation - It takes a long time to build trust with customers and position in the market BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS: I KEY PARTNERS: Main partners: shipping unit, packaging printing unit, product suppliers Main activities implemented by partners: - Transporter: is a very important part of the operation of the business system Distributors cannot lack this unit This unit will transport products from the factory to the warehouse and from the shipping warehouse to customers and small agents - Packaging printing unit suitable for each product for each different occasion - The main suppliers: the supply of products to the store, then the store will have the products to give to customers, bringing specialties with clear origin, ensuring food quality and safety  They are an important partner to achieve the value that the business has promised customers These partners will participate and support the trade We agree on plans, offer solutions and transaction prices to optimize shipping costs (by volume, by time and service package, ); improve customer experience II KEY ACTIVITIES: There are many activities in the business process such as administration, marketing, finance, accounting, production, sales, - Customer insight survey - Market research, competitors - Finding sourcing products, trading partners and partners, choosing appropriate distribution channels and promotion measures - Distribution and sales organization - Capital management, costs, human resources in business: this is the factor affecting the business performance of the business - Expanding relationships with vendors - …… But in order to keep our business, we maintain the most important actions; it is the use of primary resources to create differentiated target values and thereby profit So, the main activities of Dac San Mien are: 10 - Selling specialty products from regions to customers; - Consulting and support packing combo services according to customer requirements Customer care before and after buying Always open, enthusiastic, create impression, trust with customers - To attract customers, we need to build a communication strategy that offers value proposition for the customer - Building an online sales process, helping the company optimize customer contact and increase sales III KEY RESOURCES: Human: a Main divisions: Nguyen Trong Vong: Market research and potential customers Nguyen Thi Tu Anh: Research and product development Pham Thi Van Anh: Building Web features Truong Duc Tai: Web and video interface design Nguyen Thi Hong Thuy: Building communication strategy Nguyen Ba Phuc: Accountant b Staffs: employees full-time: - consultant, closing the application - on Fanpage & Web - warehouse staff: checking the imported goods, classifying and packing products Also make use of key resources for support when needed Wisdom (Web and Facebook fanpage): Introducing “Dac San Mien” “Dac San Mien” is the website platform that enables customers to connect with many different specialty products in regions of Vietnam Also, when customers buy on the website "Dac San Mien" The product will not only be delivered to customers like normal products, but also packed and tailored for each occasion, each need, each purchase, The products will be packed as handmade items not only to increase the value of the product, but we hope to 11 provide customers with products with the most beautiful and standard quality as well as for everyone At the same time, the product wants to target customers who are foreign tourists According to our survey, tourism is considered one of the leading economic sectors in Vietnam In the past decade, Vietnam tourism has continuously developed According to the latest statistics in 2019, Vietnam's tourism industry has welcomed more than 100 million visitors, including 18 million foreign visitors, an increase of 16.2% compared to 2018 Particularly in the last months of 2019, has grown by 30% year-on-year and revenue for the whole year increased by 17.1% However, tourists to Vietnam find it very difficult to find gifts to bring back and the prices are often very high In countries with developed tourism, souvenirs bring huge profits, contributing significantly in promoting the image of the country, places With Vietnam tourism, despite efforts to find Find great gift products for visitors, but this still seems to be a difficult problem to solve Vietnam tourism attracts foreign tourists by the rich traditional culture, bearing bold identity of 54 ethnic groups Through organizing important world conferences, we have also impressed international friends with unique gift products rich in cultural symbols APEC 2017 leaves in the hearts of international friends when coming to Vietnam not only professionalism in the organization, hospitality or beautiful scenery, delicious food, but also by a set of gifts with a high cultural content In fact, it is not true to say Vietnam does not have impressive and unique gifts for foreign tourists But to find a product like that, the price is high or difficult to find For the Vietnamese, for tourists who only have a few days in a destination, finding the right gift is even more difficult Meeting us at the ancient house of Hoi An (Quang Nam), Mr and Mrs Mo Tazi and Kyle Ann Tazi (from Florida, USA) said that they love Vietnamese culture very much But when asked what they brought back from Vietnam as gifts to friends after spending nearly two weeks in Hanoi, Ha Long, and Hoi An, they delicately 12 said that they were still going, so they didn't choose to buy anything They also rated the souvenirs displayed at the stores as relatively similar In Vietnam, reality in localities with a developed tourism industry shows that building the tourism souvenir product market plays a particularly important role Not only increasing the attractiveness and promoting the image of tourist destinations, keeping visitors longer, encouraging more spending, but developing tourist souvenir products also creates more jobs for workers in craft villages, contributing to preserving traditional trades of each locality Link: https://www.qdnd.vn/xa-hoi/du-lich/de-du-khach-nho-mai-viet-nam-610128 According to the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Council (TAB), despite impressive developments in recent years, especially the number of arrivals Specifically, visitors to Vietnam in 2018 were more than 15 million, an increase of million compared to 2017 And up to now, the number of visitors has reached more than 10 million But the contribution of international tourists to the domestic economy is still quite modest Specifically, in 2017, Vietnam earned 8.3 billion USD from international visitors, but Singapore earned 18.4 billion USD, Indonesia was 12.6 billion USD and this figure in Thailand was 52.5 billion USD And now, on average, each day visitors to Vietnam spend 96 USD, while Thailand is 163 USD and Singapore is 325 USD Many tourists, when asked, said that even though they want to spend money in Vietnam, they have little opportunity because the products and services of the resorts are still quite poor Most of the tourists coming to Vietnam are mainly sightseeing, eating, resting and then returning home, having little entertainment and shopping activities And this fact made the reporter recall their trip to Korea not long ago and find that Korea is too professional in tourism, they cleverly "pickpocket the visitors to the last money", from Typical Korean products such as ginseng, kimchi, red pine essential oil, seaweed to fashion, cosmetics All are introduced as the most quintessential characteristic of Korean culture, Korean pride makes visitors unable to hesitate to hook their wallet, and proud to own that product 13 When international tourists come to Vietnam, if they have shopping needs, they often have a precautionary mindset due to fear of buying bad goods and sometimes, many places still face the situation of rip off Link https://haiquanonline.com.vn/khach-quoc-te-den-viet-nam-tang-luong-chuatang-chat-110528-110528.html That is the reason why “Dac San Mien” regions were born with the purpose of solving this problem with the motto of bringing unique products with the best quality to customers “Dac San Mien” hope to be able to provide products with unique design, best price and quality to not only promote Vietnamese specialties in the country, but also to be attractive souvenirs in the eyes international friends Interface specialty domains: - Information about types of product "price, product type, ” - Seasonal Combo: Information of items is mixed according to the combo "Combo product type, price, " - Self-mix combo: Information, suggestions for products mixed with combo and chat box feature support - Informative videos of products Main distribution channels: - Website “dacsan3mien.com” - Fanpage facebook “Đặc Sản Miền” Revenue: - Main revenue: Sales of specialty products and combo - Niche revenue: Advertising on the WEB, developing restaurant and hotel booking features, (after developing a strong enough platform) IV VALUE PROPOSSITIONS: Customer: 14 - Providing customers with the most preeminent choices for specialties of Vietnam - Newly designed products bring high customization to customers - Providing the best quality products to ensure safety as well as certification of food hygiene and safety - It is convenient for customers to choose a combination product of specialties - The price is consistent with the quality, providing images and experiences for the product - The self-mix product combo feature allows customers to create a product combo according to their wishes to suit each type of customer needs - New beautiful packaging design in a special form that customers can use as a luxury gift and meaning Product core values: Helping customers to buy specialty products with the highest quality while creating a new image for Vietnamese specialties, helping to elevate and promote the image of Vietnamese specialties to a lot of people are not only domestic but also international V CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS:  Personal Assistance: The company interacts directly with customers via fanpage, web, hotline through staff consultation The company assists the customer with the steps before purchasing, during the purchase, and after purchasing a product  Self-Service: Dac San Mien pre-installed basic automatic chatbot tools to consult basic needs when they approach fanpage & web of the business  Automated Services: 15 This is a self-service self-service relationship with CRM settings in which customer choice history will be saved and reviewed to enhance the overall experience  Communities: Dac San Mien will create private groups on the social network Facebook, creating a direct communication business community (Create separate promotions to thank customers; Stimulate customers to buy) => Enhance customer experience, as the community helps customers share their own experiences as well as discuss common wishes and solutions VI CHANNELS: Distribution channels: a Online: - Businesses access to customers through channels: website (dacsan3mien.com), Fanpage Facebook  approaching young customers, foreign customers coming to - Vietnam to travel with the habit of buying online - Tiktok: posting clips to create trends, promote images and brands b Offline: - Regional specialty fair booths of the tourist provinces: Quang Ninh, Hanoi, Thai Nguyen  Mainly approach to objects that are production establishments, cooperatives purchasing specialties from provinces across the country in order to expand relationships, expand the supply of quality products Customer approach: a Online: - Run facebook ads, google ads target to desired customer file (age, interests ) Fanpage fb: - Selling is mainly on the Website; all Facebook posts direct the - purchase to the website Content is aimed at young and online customers: youthful language, trendy, patriotic spirit, Vietnamese people who use Vietnamese goods 16 - Promote the branding communication of the company through PR articles, innovation in design, packaging of the product and - the desire to "enhance Vietnamese specialties" of the project Create customer trust and confidence through feedback articles, - reviews of products sent by customers Special occasions: Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year holidays give a set of gifts to KOL - people with high followers, mainly young people (Family Cam - Mango - Dau, Ninh Tito ) to expand - customers Community group: share promotions, discount vouchers, product review Co-marketing: - VNPAY: media articles about brands and products on their fan pages and community groups - Other fan pages have followers and likes Webside: - Promote website construction in terms of display for customers - to easily manipulate purchases languages: Vietnamese - English to serve domestic and - foreign customers Build a new, friendly website to attract users to stay on the website longer: videos, clips of tourist destinations or how to make specialties b Offline: - Bring a product combo with new packaging to the exhibition - booth of the provincial fair Paste information about hotline phone, fanpage, website "Dac San Mien " at restaurants, hotels, homestay in the tourist area to reach foreign customers, tourists Communication channels associated with the customer service process: Direct distribution channel: telesale, direct Message, website store - Customers who refer to product information can chat with a consultant via fanpage or website In the absence of staff, - customers will be rep comments or messages by chatbox Telesales call to confirm order with customer after receiving cart information has been created 17 - After successful delivery, customers will be sent a thank you message and received feedback from customers If there is any arising in the transaction, it will be received and resolved by the telesales VII CUSTOMER SEGMENTS: Value to customers: - Offers standardized products to customers who have a passion for traditional flavors and culinary specialties - Widely promote Vietnamese cuisine to international guests - The quality of specialties is original, fast and brings customer satisfaction when using the product The customer segments include: a Mass Market: is a public market comprising consumers of different age groups, traveling lifestyles, being open-minded and interested in exploring regional specialties b Niche Market: The potential customer market is in the main segment of buying used products - Age: 20-40 years old - Gender: male, female - Occupation: business, student, office worker, - Characteristics: love to experience traveling, open-minded and has a special passion for regional specialties -  Income:> 5,000,000 / month International customers: - Age:> 18 years old - Gender: male, female - Occupation: business, travel blogger, volunteer, - Characteristics: like traveling experience, interested in learning Vietnamese culture, settling to work in Vietnam, - Income: > 5,000,000 VND Market Segmented: 18 Market divided into niche markets: - Age: 25-35 years old - Gender: Male, female - Occupation: business, office worker, - Characteristics: likes traveling, has a stable income, is open and likes to explore traditional Vietnamese culinary specialties - Income:> 5,000,000 / month VIII COST STRUCTURE: IX REVENUE STREAMS: The most important cost of the business model: - Our business model is an online sales model The reason we choose this model is because we want to be easily accessible to a wide range of customers Online business is not limited to geographical location, so it will have relatively large coverage Perhaps the most headache for many retail business people today is the growing market competitiveness The methods of aggressive advertising with many promotional tricks have no longer found good effects In addition, consumers are increasingly "lazy" to shop, spend time choosing prices from store to store So online business is the perfect choice for us Especially in the post-Covid19 era in Vietnam, traditional buying and selling will be a big problem, many customers will choose to buy goods through online purchases And since we don't have too much capital to open stores in big cities or tourist resorts, this online business will help us to easily access international markets for our purposes is to elevate Vietnamese specialties in - the world And the most important thing in the business model in this model is Marketing Because we only sell online, we have to come up with the best, most suitable marketing strategies to - introduce our products to all consumers Estimated marketing cost in year is 250 million The main resource is the most expensive: 19 The main resource that cost us the most is the cost of importing raw materials Because at the beginning, a business needed to import a lot of equipment, machines and products - Material cost is one of the mandatory expenses, we often pick up the goods first and then pay later for familiar suppliers of raw materials The contract material supply contract period is - months In addition, human resource cost is also one of the must-have expenses in every business Although it is an online business model, we still have to use the cost to pay the warehouse staff The most expensive key activity: - The activity that costs the most is the marketing costs that are in - the early stages of being able to highlight your brand Because marketing costs are upfront costs, if we choose the wrong target audience or the wrong content of the campaign, it - is very easy to spend on Marketing Because it is an online business model, using Marketing for running ads is very important to us Marketing expenses are also a great investment Marketing expenses are upfront costs Improper distribution channels lead to unsatisfactory revenue, so the cost of marketing is "thrown through the window" We choose to use Facebook to run ads, Yotube and some articles on social media sites Of which the use of advertising on Facebook is the most expensive of us Business model: - Our business model aims to optimize input costs, control capital - tightly, and minimize unnecessary costs Our business model is aimed at all types of customers, but not every customer base is profitable for us while we spend a lot of money on marketing to retain them So we can completely cut - this cost In addition, we also outsource to printing paper bags, paper - boxes and packaging for combos for the holidays In addition, we can also earn extra income based on the advertising services of other businesses rented on our website 20 Sample characteristics: - Fixed costs - The variable costs Economic advantage thanks to size Economic advantage by scope The Revenue Stream are the different sources from which a - business makes money selling goods or providing services The revenue stream for Dac San Mien comes from Web site advertising and sales X CONCLUSION: The above is the whole dedication of the Kangaroo group that has worked hard in the past months Hope "Dac San Mien" helps to elevate the value and position of Vietnamese specialties 21 ... videos of products Main distribution channels: - Website “dacsan3mien.com” - Fanpage facebook ? ?Đặc Sản Miền? ?? Revenue: - Main revenue: Sales of specialty products and combo - Niche revenue: Advertising... want to enjoy original specialties Since then the project "Dac san mien" was formed Slogan: “ĐẶC SẢN LÀM QUÀ – DÀNH CHO MỌI NHÀ” Logo: Specialties bring the image of the dishes of regions in... purchase, and after purchasing a product  Self-Service: Dac San Mien pre-installed basic automatic chatbot tools to consult basic needs when they approach fanpage & web of the business  Automated Services:
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