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TECHNICALRESUME letter writing GUIDE The pipeline to your success Email us CareersPAALP com or look for us on campus throughout the year We own and operate a diversi�ed portfolio of strategically located assets that play a vital role in the movement of U S and Canadian energy supplies One of the largest most successful midstream Oil Gas companies in the U S Our most important assets are our people It’s not easy to move over 3 million barrels of petroleum products every day, or store billi. TECHNICALRESUME & letter writing GUIDE The pipeline to your success One of the largest & most successful midstream Oil & Gas companies in the U.S We own and operate a diversified portfolio of strategically located assets that play a vital role in the movement of U.S and Canadian energy supplies Our most important assets are our people It’s not easy to move over million barrels of petroleum products every day, or store billions of cubic feet of natural gas It takes hard work, dedication, intelligence and talent If this describes you, then we would like to learn more about you Email us: Careers@PAALP.com or look for us on campus throughout the year The Technical Resume Format Most Common Formats Sequence Heading Objective Education Examples Academic Experience Experience Skills 10 Certifications 11 Honors & Activities 12 Interests 12 References 13-28 Sample Resumes 29 Work Authorization 30 International Student Cover Letter & Resume ALSO in this GUIDE Resume Tips Dos & Don’ts 10 Resume Checklist 29 Long Distance Job Search 37 Where to Find Contacts 39 Cover Letter Checklist Letter Writing 31 Cover Letter Guidelines 31 Content 31 Types 32 Layout 33-36 Samples 33 Inquiry 34 Application 35 Searching for a Position 36 Mutual Acquaintance 37 Networking 38 Networking Letter 39 Follow-up Letter 40 Thank You 41 Accepting a Job Offer 42 Acknowledging a Job Offer 43 Second Interview Thank You 44 Declining an Offer 45 Reconsider a Rejection FORMAT There are three basic formats for resume preparation: chronological, functional, and targeted A combination approach would include features of two or more formats Although the technical resume uses one of these traditional formats, there are some differences in the content and presentation, since each individual is unique with special characteristics and life experiences Brief [ Organized Neat [ [ Pertinent information should be easy to locate by using indented margins, capitalization, bullets, proper spacing, etc Generous spacing and separation of the different components of your resume will help you achieve a total positive first impression Effective [ [ [ [ Include all the facts you need in order to cover the necessary information; but remember, be selective and include only those achievements which support your bid for the type of position you seek [ Your resume should be 100% honest and positive Complete sentences are not necessary; sentence fragments are acceptable, even desirable most common formats Chronological Functional Targeted Lists your experience in reverse chronological order from most recent to least recent Lists your experience based on skill headings, which are not necessarily in chronological order Highlights your skills, qualifications, and experience that match the requirements of your job target Works best when your work, volunteer, and academic experience relate directly to the type of job to which you’re applying Actual work history is summarized in a brief section at the bottom of the page Eliminates all irrelevant information while portraying that you are a quality candidate for the position Stresses consistency in your work history If there are wide gaps in your experience, this may not be the best format for you Most popular resume style The majority of recruiters and employers prefer this style Focus is shifted away from where and when you developed particular skills The skills themselves are the main attraction Works best when you are trying to break into a field where you have little or no experience A good choice for career changers Allows you to project your ability to the job even if you not have direct experience Uses keywords specific to the job description and works them into your resume This will get your resume noticed by recruiters and employers Combination Combines the above formats so that experience is listed chronologically and with skill headings Can be organized in different ways, but usually displays experiences with descriptions in reverse chronological order grouped under skill headings Works best when there are some consistent themes to your experience Employers are very fond of this format, as it provides them with easily identifiable skills and a sense of your progression Resume Tips Pay careful attention to spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style Be honest and accurate Stay brief, clear, and informative Proofread! Organize information in a logical fashion Keep descriptions clear and to the point Confine your information to one page Use a simple, easy-toread font Use good-quality white or off-white bond paper Do not include salary requirements or photos Have a Career Adviser at Career Services look it over for you SEQUENCE The order and content of everyone’s resume does not have to be the same; however, formats are somewhat standardized so that employers can easily find the information they seek After your heading, sequence the information on your resume from most important to least important For technical majors, your education may be the most important section In some cases any relevant experience, whether a full-time job or internship, could be listed before education Check with Career Services on suggestions for the sequence for your resume HEADING Begin your resume with this information: the legal form of your name as it appears on academic records and other documents [ [Use an employer may require you to provide, so there will be no confusion the documents belong to the same person If you go by a middle name or nickname, you can emphasize or insert this, as in Jonathan (Jon) Q Public Your name should be a larger size font than the rest of the document your resume Make it possible, and easy, for them to find you Make sure you keep your voicemail greeting businesslike, and remember to take any answer tones off your cell phone address and phone number and your permanent address and phone [ [Current/school number Employers could contact you during school breaks or even months after you submit [ [Please ensure you have listed a professional email address [ [Do not place the word “resume” at the top of your resume [ [Do not include a URL for a personal web site unless the contents are strictly professional OBJECTIVE Your objective tells a prospective employer the type of work you are currently pursuing While an objective statement is optional, if your resume does not fill up the entire page, you may want to consider using an objective statement to help lengthen your resume If you decide to use an objective, make sure you state your objective simply and concisely Do not tell the employer your life goals in a paragraph at the beginning of your resume For general use, such as for distribution at career fairs, we recommend that you create a version without an objective statement so that your resume does not “screen you out.” Parts of an objective statement could include: The industry you want to work in, or the type of work you want to do, or the skills you want to [ [ emphasize, or some combination not use statements like, “position which utilizes my skills and abilities” without specifying [ [ Do your skills and abilities or “position related to (name of your major),” when your major does not describe a job or career field or is too broad to be meaningful student seeking permanent work you are seeking an internship, summer employment, co-op position or other part-time [ [ Ifposition, state this in your objective, so the employer will not assume you are a graduating Resume DOs Focus on specific results of your work, significant achievements, and recognition received Describe your paid, unpaid and volunteer experiences Exercise restraint rather than cramming too much information onto a resume Omit experiences that you would not want to repeat in future positions unless they are necessary for the job Use action verbs such as “created” or “coordinated” to describe your experience Resume DON”Ts ‘ X X X X X X Use phrases such as “Responsibilities included.” Use resume templates included in word processing software Include irrelevant job duties such as “made copies.” Use long sentences or paragraphs Submit the same resume to every employer, regardless of the position Write vague objectives such as, “To find a position at a medium sized corporation where I can grow and develop skills.” EDUCATION For technical majors, the “Education” section should typically be the first section on a resume, unless you use an objective statement or a summary of qualifications The order of information in the “Education” section can vary, but make sure you are consistent throughout the entire section You can bold, italicize, or CAPITALIZE certain information to make it stand out in your resume Include: • Degree(s) - first list the most recent degree you are pursuing or have earned, then list previous college degrees, as in Master’s degree first, followed by Bachelor’s degree • On one line include the degree level, major (and second major, minor or concentration), and date of completion or anticipated completion by month and year If your combination of majors, minors, concentrations, etc are too long to fit on one line, put the extra information on a second line • On another line include institution and location by city and state • List additional degrees in reverse chronological order (most recent first) You may include: • For technical majors, if your GPA is higher than 3.0, include it! If your major GPA is higher than your overall GPA, you may list the major GPA If your GPA is lower than 3.0, leave it off of the resume • Indicate the percentage of money you contributed toward your education, as in “Financed 50% of college tuition and living expenses through part-time work.” This can be a very powerful statement if your GPA is a little lower • Technical or continuing education experience can be listed if it is related to your career goal You could include: • Course work that can be related to the job or internship, or shows focus in a particular area • Senior Capstone and other class projects or independent studies If you not have much work experience, you may want to develop a separate section for class/related projects Some engineering projects within the college are considered real work experiences DON’T include: • Your high school information should not be listed unless you are a freshman or sophomore The earlier you can eliminate high school information and replace it with college information, the better it will look to employers • You not need to list all of the institutions you have attended Only list those from which you will or have earned a degree examples [ [ [ [ [ one degree [ [ [ [ [ degrees from different institutions two degrees from same institution listing degree with courses education with thesis statement Bachelor of Science in Physics, Business Minor, May 2009 The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK GPA 3.35 The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK M.S Biochemistry, May 2008 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, BD B.S Mechanical Engineering, November 2005 Cum Laude Master of Business Administration, May 2010 Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering, May 2003 The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK B.S in Petroleum Engineering, May 2010 The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK Major GPA 3.0 Related Courses: Formation Evaluation with Well Logs, Improved Recovery Techniques, Integrate Reservoir Management, Business Communication M.S Electrical Engineering, December 2010 The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK Thesis: Research focused on implementing computational electrodynamics to develop revolutionary ultra high field phased-array RF systems ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE Sometimes your most relevant experience will come from class projects Coursework is typically included in the “Education” section Below are examples you may list in your resume [example [ examples The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK Visual Basic/C/C++ Courses with hands-on experience including: • VB Projects: Mortgage Loan Calculator, “Craps” Dice Game, GPA Calculator • C/C++ Projects: Multiple Tuition Calculator using Input and Output Database Files • Java Projects: Computer Science Department Web Pages, Multiple Table/Frame Home Site • Technical Communication Project: As a part of a two-person team, wrote 47-page employee manual for Admissions Department at college Information gathered through interviews with staff [example [ The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK Management Information Systems, Networking Specialization Three quarters of Cisco courses with hands-on experience including: • Setting up LAN Hubs • Configuring Virtual LAN • Installing Windows NT 4.0 • Installing Novell NetWare 5.00 • Configuring Cisco 1601, 2500 routers, subnetting a class B network • Simulating LAN and WAN environment with routers and two 1500 series switches • Installing, configuring Linux 2.2, adding users, changing permissions [ example [ Computer Science, May 20XX The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK • Working in teams, planned and implemented several database systems • Setup, configured, and maintained a networked environment containing five routers and switches • Team leader on the basic design of Local Area Network for two campus buildings INQUIRY 900 Asp Avenue Norman, OK 73019 email@ou.edu (405) 325-1974 For use to express interest and to inquire about opportunities that may be available within a particular organization, but are not usually publicly posted Month Date, Year Mr Timothy D Smith Senior Engineer Midwest Engineering, Inc 4500 Prairie Drive Kansas City, MO 75254 Dear Mr Smith: I am writing to inquire about an Electrical Engineering position at Midwest Engineering, Inc I am particularly interested in the robotics industry in which Midwest Engineering, Inc holds a prestigious reputation My engineering education, wide range of work experience, and leadership achieved through special projects equips me with a valuable knowledge base to be a productive asset to your company Challenging projects have always attracted my interest Both inside and outside the classroom, I have assumed leadership roles and have been able to creatively solve problems As President of the Student Chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, I served as project manager for the annual engineering competition where our college engineering team designed and built a robotic mouse Our teams design won the competition, beating out 18 other college teams With my experience as a proven leader and my technical experience, I would be interested in working with your robotics team to prove I could make a substantial contribution to your company’s profitability I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss this position and my qualifications in more detail I look forward to hearing from you soon If you have any questions, please not hesitate to e-mail me at email@ou.edu or call me at (405) 325-1974 Thank you for your time and consideration Sincerely, Handwritten Signature Typed Name 33 APPLICATION 900 Asp Avenue Norman, OK 73019 email@ou.edu (405) 325-1974 For use when applying for a specific opportunity This is the most common form of a cover letter when responding to job postings during your job search Month Date, Year Mr Dean A Martin Hiring Manager A&B Construction 123 Post Road Oklahoma City, OK 73003 Dear Mr Martin: I am applying for the Construction Project Manager position advertised through the Resume Post newsletter My credentials and interest in the area are a strong match for your requirements and should be considered for the position I recently graduated with a Civil Engineering degree and have two years experience in Construction Project Management I have worked extensively with Construction Project Managers in both the government and private sectors with responsibilities focusing on managing interning engineers to managing various crews As an adaptable and versatile professional, I offer a willingness to learn new methods and meet demanding standards A well-trained and professional Construction Project Manager is key to the growth and integrity of any organization I am a highly qualified candidate for the position of Construction Project Manager If you would like to meet for a personal interview, please call me at (405) 325-1974 for a time that suits your schedule I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for accepting my letter and resume Sincerely, Handwritten Signature Typed Name 34 SEARCHING FOR A POSITION 900 Asp Avenue Norman, OK 73019 email@ou.edu (405) 325-1974 For use when applying for a position where you not have a contact Form a bond with the reader by establishing that you are specifically interested in the company Month Date, Year Ms Freida B Hallmark HR Manager Crane Engineering 123 Freedom Road Oklahoma City, OK 73003 Dear Ms Hallmark: I recently read about Crane Engineering in College Magazine and am impressed with the strong quality control program I am seeking a position as an entry-level mechanical engineering technician My classroom work and co-op experience have introduced me to the benefits of a strong quality approach to business, and I would like to be part of your implementation team My internship experience with Cobalt, Inc taught me to implement a quality program in a factory environment In addition to design work and helping to automate one of the factory divisions, I worked with the plant’s quality control officer I also facilitated the required four-hour quality training sessions for employees My contributions earned the Employee-of-the-Month award for the engineering department, the first time an internship student has received the honor As you can see from my resume, I have worked a variety of jobs and financed 80% of my college expenses Having a financial goal each year and reaching it has taught me a lot about perseverance, responsibility, and teamwork I have a strong work ethic and the determination to become a valued employee for Crane Engineering I am available to start work immediately Thank you for your interest in my application, and I look forward to talking with you about my future with Crane Engineering Sincerely, Handwritten Signature Typed Name 35 TO A MUTUAL ACQUAINTANCE 900 Asp Avenue Norman, OK 73019 email@ou.edu (405) 325-1974 For use when applying for a position where you have a mutual acquaintance This creates an immediate connection for a position for which you are applying Month Date, Year Mr Cornelius Scott Senior Vice President Woodworth Manufacturing Group 555 Wood Drive Dallas, TX 75260 Dear Mr Scott: I was thrilled when my friend, John Peterson, told me there was an opening for a Systems Analyst at your company, and suggested that I forward my resume to you Based on my conversations with John and a review of your website, I believe Woodworth Manufacturing Group is an outstanding match for my technical skills, work experience, and professional interests I am a highly motivated individual known for my excellent analytical, problem-solving, and collaborative skills My enclosed resume illustrates my expertise in designing, coding, testing, and implementing solutions Additionally, I’m skilled at analyzing user requirements and communicating those requirements to programmers During my internship at Smith and Franz, I effectively integrated order processing and manufacturing system processes into multifaceted systems with common databases while setting up procedures so that each department had their own customized interfaces I will call you next week to arrange a personal meeting to discuss your current and future needs and how I might serve them Thank you in advance for your time and consideration Sincerely, Handwritten Signature Typed Name 36 NETWORKING Make Networking Part of Your Daily Activities You can easily make networking a part of your normal daily activities For example, it’s likely you’re being asked by friends and relatives about your post-graduation plans This is a networking opportunity! Share details with them about fields or positions of interest to recommend people they know who are doing similar work Ask them to help you connect with these people, and then, follow through Make the Most of Your Networking Finding people to contact is just part of networking Try these quick tips to make the most of your conversations with networking contacts: an e-mail to introduce yourself when requesting a meeting Explain (briefly) what you [ [Send have in common and describe what you hope to learn through your conversation Include a date and time that you will follow-up by phone to schedule a meeting if you haven’t heard back; then, follow through! (Because so many people don’t what they say they will, this attention to detail is sure to impress.) Research the industry, organization, and person you will be meeting prior to your conversation Consider information that you are learning in classes, internships, and student organizations that might be interesting to your target contact Make a list of questions to ask; if you are starting with a sample list of questions obtained from Career Services or online, customize the questions to be specific to the industry and the person you wil be contacting Treat professionals with respect Use appropriate grammar and spelling when writing messages If you’ve scheduled a meeting, don’t cancel Arrive 15 minutes early Whether your conversation is in person, on the phone, or via e-mail, follow up with a thank- you note to show your appreciation and improve your chances of creating a productive relationship [[ [[ [[ [[ [[ Don’t be discouraged if some people whom you contact aren’t immediately helpful; in those cases, be polite, send a thank-you note, and move on Be patient and continue to develop contacts Since no one can predict which connections will lead to meaningful outcomes, use care to nurture your connections Accept networking as an investment in your future Where to Find Contacts There are a variety of places to find people to talk to about your professional interests 37 Alumni networks Professional Associations Career Fairs, employer information sessions, and networking events Community Groups OU Career Mentoring Network Social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn Friends/family and their friends NETWORKING 900 Asp Avenue Norman, OK 73019 email@ou.edu (405) 325-1974 Month Date, Year Mr John G Falcioni Vice President Megacorp Enterprises 1111 Allen Road San Francisco, CA 94000 For use as an initial contact with an industry professional to learn more about a career or organization Excellent example of how to initiate an informational interview Usually sent to people who you believe can help you find a new job or who might know someone who can help you find a new job Dear Mr Falcioni: Our mutual friend, Jake Rutherford, suggested I contact you regarding the possibility of meeting with you, on the phone or in person, to discuss potential contacts you may have who might be interested in hiring me By way of a quick review, I have been in the Information Technology field for the past three years and have extensive experience in several roles in IT organizations I have enclosed for your review a resume detailing my experience and capabilities I’m currently looking to join a dynamic corporation that offers growth potential, challenge and a strong team atmosphere I am diligent and committed to problem-solving; I enjoy implementing solutions and approach every work-related situation in a positive manner I realize you’re extremely busy, but I would appreciate a short visit to explore possible contacts and companies who may be looking for someone like me If I haven’t heard from you within a few days, I’ll give you a call to see if we can get together Thank you so much for your time I look forward to talking with you soon Sincerely, Handwritten Signature Typed Name 38 FOLLOW-UP The importance of responding to the interviews you are granted cannot be overemphasized Many employers consider these follow-up letters in measuring your interest in their organization In addition, follow-up letters are another way of keeping your name fresh in the employer’s mind After an interview, it is strongly recommended that you send a thank you letter to the interviewer expressing your appreciation for their time and stating your interest in at least one or two aspects of the company or the position that you discussed Supply any additional information or material that was requested during the interview or may be helpful in the decision making process Be sure to individualize your letter Approximately five to ten days after the prospective employer has received your thank you letter, you may want to call the employer to again convey your interest in the organization This call verifies your sincere interest in the organization, and it also serves the purpose of keeping your name fresh in the employer’s mind Cover Letter Checklist Write a targeted cover letter for each employer and position State in the first sentence why you are writing Show that your career goals are aligned with both the position and the organization Make your points concise; every point should support your readiness to contribute Proofread for typos and accuracy of contact information Have several people review it too! Follow up with the employer if you hear nothing after 2-3 weeks Inquire if any further information is needed and reiterate your interest Your letter should NOT be more than one page Encourage the employer to contact you Include contact information, and sign your name at the end of the letter 39 THANK YOU Send a thank you letter to follow-up and express continued interest with an employer after any contact like interviews, career fairs, site visits, or information sessions A handwritten thank you is preferred, but if you know there is not enough time to get a hand written note across their desk, an email is suitable Dear Mr Johns, Dear Ms Smith, Thank you for scheduling my interview for the Engineering Manager position I am pleased with the benefits Mack & Co offers and am also impressed with its long-term outlook and projects in development I’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to contribute to Mack’s future success After completing my interview today, I am confident that my qualifications are in line with your requirements As promised, I will fax my completed job application to you by tomorrow afternoon Sincerely, Handwritten Signature Thank you for the opportunity to interview with you today As we discussed, my internship experience combined with my coursework has given me the communication and problem-solving skills necessary to be successful as an IT Manager at DB Software, Inc Please feel free to contact me at (405) 555-5555 should you have additional questions I am very interested in the position and hope to hear from you soon Thank you again for your time and consideration Regards, Handwritten Signature Dear Mr Matthews, Dear Ms Peters, It was a pleasure meeting with you today at the career fair I truly enjoyed our conversation, and both hearing about the position and learning more about the needs of Rhodes International, Corp In particular, I am impressed with the way your company operates and the ethical standards it upholds I appreciate your courtesy and the time you took to answer my questions about the Architectural Internship during my visit to Technology, Inc this morning Thank you for the opportunity to visit with you and see your facilities The interview and the tour made for an exciting and informative day Thank you again for your time and the experience of getting to know you and your company better I would welcome the opportunity to work for Rhodes International, Corp and I look forward to hearing from you soon Best Regards, Typed Name Again, thank you for your hospitality and for all your efforts to arrange my visit Having seen your operation, I am enthused about the internship opportunity that Technology, Inc offers I look forward to your decision Best Regards, Typed Name 40 ACCEPTING A JOB OFFER 900 Asp Avenue Norman, OK 73019 email@ou.edu (405) 325-1974 For use to state your acceptance of a position and also reiterate different aspects of the job offer such as salary, benefits, work schedule, and start date Month Date, Year Mr John G Falcioni Vice President Megacorp Enterprises 1111 Allen Road San Francisco, CA 94000 Dear Mr Falcioni: I am very pleased to accept your offer of an Information Systems Manager at Megacorp Enterprises Please consider this letter my formal acceptance I am pleased to accept your offer at a salary of $55,500 annually As we agreed, my starting date will be July 28, and I will report to you at 9:00 a.m in the ninth-floor conference room I also understand that I will receive full company pay and benefits during the 12-week training program and that I am considered probationary during that time Thank you again, Mr Falcioni, for offering me this wonderful opportunity, I’m very excited to join the Megacorp team Please let me know if I can anything in advance of my start date to facilitate the paperwork Sincerely, Handwritten Signature Typed Name 41 ACKNOWLEDGING AN OFFER 900 Asp Avenue Norman, OK 73019 oucs@ou.edu (405) 325-1974 For use to acknowledge a written job offer, even if you are not ready to accept or decline it Month Date, Year Mr Dean A Martin Hiring Manager A&B Construction 123 Post Road Oklahoma City, OK 73003 Dear Mr Martin: I was very pleased to receive your letter on Monday, notifying me of your decision to offer me the position of Construction Project Manager I am grateful for the opportunity to work for A&B Construction I am acknowledging this offer with respect to the terms and conditions illustrated The offer has been made for an annual salary of $58,000 As requested, I will communicate my final decision to the company by May 10 I am certain that the position offered will enhance my professional development in the field of Civil Engineering I will give your offer careful consideration Thank you again for the time you have given me throughout this process Sincerely, Handwritten Signature Typed Name 42 SECOND INTERVIEW THANK YOU 900 Asp Avenue Norman, OK 73019 email@ou.edu (405) 325-1974 For use to express gratitude for the interest which the employer has clearly shown in you The letter will be your opportunity to affirm your continuing interest in the organization Month Date, Year Mr Fred Amore President Java, Inc 3214 Mission Valley Road San Diego, CA 92101 Dear Mr Amore: I enjoyed the chance to visit Java, Inc headquarters during my recent second interview, and wanted to express my thanks to you for the serious consideration you are giving me As we discussed, my advanced programming and management skills have prepared me well for the Project Manager position My combined experience along with my passion for advanced security systems is a great fit for Java, Inc.’s goals of updating all programs Thank you again for the opportunity of getting to know you and your organization better I would welcome the opportunity to work for Java, Inc and anticipate your decision soon Sincerely, Handwritten Signature Typed Name 43 DECLINING AN OFFER 900 Asp Avenue Norman, OK 73019 email@ou.edu (405) 325-1974 For use to inform the employer in writing that you are declining a job offer Your letter should be polite, direct, and sent AFTER making a phone call Month Date, Year Ms Nancy Clark Human Relations Manager Disco Corp 56459 Jones Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73003 Dear Ms Clark: Thank you for all the time and attention you and your organization have devoted to considering me for the position of Mechnical Engineer for Disco Corp It has been an extremely productive and professional hiring process After careful deliberation, I must respectfully decline the invitation to join Disco Corp Your offer was competitive and the projected work assignments were very attractive I have decided that another opportunity better meets my qualifications and career interests at this time I want you to know that it was a very difficult choice I have been very impressed with the recruitment process at Disco, Corp and have shared my positive experience with other students, faculty and the OU Career Services staff I hope that we will have an opportunity to talk again in the future Thank you for the time you have devoted to considering my application Sincerely, Handwritten Signature Typed Name 44 RECONSIDER A REJECTION 900 Asp Avenue Norman, OK 73019 email@ou.edu (405) 325-1974 For use when a job offer has either been rejected or the person has been eliminated as a candidate This letter should only be written if you have strong points to oppose the decision Month Date, Year Mr Chris Hammon Network Administrator Solutions, Inc 569 Brook Drive Edmond, OK 73003 Dear Mr Hammon: I received your letter on Friday with the disappointing news that Solutions, Inc was no longer pursuing me as a candidate for the Engineering Manager position I’m writing in hopes that you will reconsider the decision From my research of the company, my experience with java script and my passion for new initiatives is right in line with what Solutions, Inc is looking for in leadership for the new department that was acquired from the merger I feel strongly about the future of Solutions, Inc and my possible contribution to future projects Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide to be reconsidered I still look foward to working and growing with Solutions, Inc Thank you for your time and consideration Sincerely, Handwritten Signature Typed Name 45 SOONER BORN SOONER BRED SOONER HIRED ... Interests 12 References 13-28 Sample Resumes 29 Work Authorization 30 International Student Cover Letter & Resume ALSO in this GUIDE Resume Tips Dos & Don’ts 10 Resume Checklist 29 Long Distance... three basic formats for resume preparation: chronological, functional, and targeted A combination approach would include features of two or more formats Although the technical resume uses one of... Some of the skill sets technical resumes may include are computer skills, laboratory skills, specialized equipment skills, communication skills, or leadership skills If your resume focuses on skills,
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